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Personal Profile


I’ll keep it brief.

Born and schooled at the bottom of Africa &

in New Zealand. 


Studied Social Work at the University of Cape Town.


Misspent my early 20’s working in pubs, cocktail bars and mailrooms in London. 

Studied copywriting. Started (over)working. 

Worked on global clients like Volkswagen,

The Economist, Nestlé, PepsiCo and IKEA.  

Learned a little about a lot of things, from hotels to hair care to haemorrhoids and a lot in-between. 
Helped create work that grew potatoes on Mars, put fish in kid’s tummies and broke into homes to rescue abused women. 

Collected multiple golds at every major show as well as a range of wood, glass and dodgy plastic trophies. 

Currently a full time creative director and baby wrangler. 

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